About Us

Incorporated in 2003 , Zaiyadal Aquaculture Sdn Bhd(ZASB) is a private-owned company and was founded by Haji Zaid Bin Abdullah. ZASB specializes in aquaculture farming, providing fresh prawns for mass marketing as well as transportation of products throughout the region. ZASB aims and focuses on giving full commitment to quality to ensure food safety, high nutritional value and fresh prawns for the consumers.

In the early years, ZASB had only one farm site(Telaga Nenas) and after several years of great success, the company expanded their business by opening another farm site(Sungai Besar). Today, ZASB has 2 established farm sites which comprises of a total 88 ponds, which measures an approximate of 160 acres in total area.

With the dedication of the experienced management and operation teams, ZASB has undergo various extensive research and developments carried out throughout the years. The Company has successfully achieved the right balance between freshness and quality through a careful and complex breeding process. The Company aims to further improve and sustain the quality of prawns and other products and will constantly carry out its R&D activities.

With more than 15 years of experience in the aquaculture industry together with the extensive and comprehensive R&D programs, the Company is confident that it will be able to positively contribute to the country’s aquaculture industry to be one of the leading forefronts in the competitive market. In addition, this is in line with Government’s aspiration to expand the aquaculture industry as part of global solution to the rapid depletion in the world’s natural aquatic shock.

Currently, ZASB trades their prawn products only in Malaysia by distribution of frozen and live prawns. To the distributors and end customers. In the upcoming years, ZASB aims to export tons of stocks to other region mainly in Asia Pacific region after successfully obtaining the MyGap certification.


Our Values


To produce best quality prawns through esthusiastic employees, committed management team using technology advancement that shall benefit the whole ecosystem


To be the Malaysian most trusted seafood business leader, responsible to the stakeholder to nurture generations to come.